About Carole

Carole Cohen

Carole A. Cohen, Realtor and entrepreneur, started in the real estate industry as an investor in the residential arena. Her expansion into the commercial real estate field was a smooth one due to her comprehensive experience of residential real estate as well as her vast knowledge of the market area. Her experience in both residential and commercial real estate has given her a competitive edge and has earned her respect amongst her colleagues.

As a business owner for the past 20 years her corporate contacts and management experience have been instrumental in the success of her real estate career.

Ms. Cohen is a volunteer in the Delaware Valley Chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters and in her spare time Ms. Cohen is an avid cyclist who enjoys riding for such causes as Multiple Sclerosis and Spinal Cord Injuries.

Buyer Representation

Her vast knowledge of the current market and surrounding areas gives her clients access to all properties, not just those listed for sale but prelisted properties as well. She’ll provide maps, property profiles, photos and any zoning restrictions, as well as demographics of the immediate area.

This proactive approach allows her clients to have a complete overview of the market and enables them to make informed decisions and have a greater negotiating position.

Tenant Representation

As a representative of tenants she will assist in identifying suitable homes and providing skillful lease negotiations. With her in-depth market knowledge she will secure the best lease terms and conditions for her clients.

Landlord Representation

Her goal is to enhance the value of the client’s property. She’ll do this through her knowledge and experience in the local marketplace, through established relationships and by providing a long-term plan for the effective usage of each rental property.

The marketing strategies are designed to achieve the highest possible rent with the least amount of vacancy time. She listens to her client’s needs and objectives to tailor a plan for market evaluation, property analysis, tenant usage and develop a market plan accordingly. She’ll create a specific marketing campaign to develop awareness in the market and to attract the greatest user demand for the property.

Seller Representation

Her goal is to procure the highest price for her clients in the least amount of time. She’ll do this through her knowledge and experience in the marketplace, through established relationships and by evaluating each property’s strengths and weaknesses. With this information she’ll assist her clients in determining a goal-based price for the property.

Her significant market presence, combined with her market knowledge and vast amount of resources enables her to effectively target and qualify buyers, thus allowing a bidding environment which in turn maximizes value. The success of her clients is enhanced by her quality service.